Close Up / Strolling Magic

Close-up magic is just what you might think, the magic happens right in front of your very eyes and sometimes in your hands. Close-up is good for intimate settings from 45 to 100 guests, such as at a dinner party or a cocktail hour. Close-up can be done while standing and at tableside or while strolling during an outdoor event or can be combined with a stage show.

Stand Up / Stage Magic

Stand-up and stage magic is performed on a stage or platform and is best suited for groups from 30 to 200 or more with some audio-visual thrown in. The audience is usually seated. This style of magic is perfect for after-dinner entertainment in a banquet setting. The stand-up show will include lots of comedy, classics of magic, and audience participation. Just the ticket to liven up this year’s big event

Corporate Events

Corporate shows can run the full gamut of possibilities for magic. Close-up as well as some stand-up magic could be performed in and around your booth at the next big trade show, while a stage would be ideal for either an employee event such as a company picnic or an annual meeting.  

“Carroll Baker’s “Up Close” show was the highlight of my trip to the @magiccastle. Funnyman w magical hands, great combination!”
Katrina Law
Star of Stage and Screen
“Carroll Baker is a modern day Merlin only better because there is no chance of getting eaten by a dragon while watching him perform.
Thanks again for the GREAT show!”
Matthew Gray Gubler
Star of Stage and Screen
“Carroll Baker’s “Close Up” show was so brilliant I had to check if my wallet was still there & didn’t notice my wife was missing.”
Keith Andreen
Star of Stage and Screen